Joe Bermudez | 103.3 AMP Radio (Boston) |

The site is very easy to navigate. There is a great selection of music and all the files are high quality. DMP has just made my life a whole lot easier!!! JB
Jenny Costa | Resident Mixshow DJ at 103.5 WKTU FM |

"The Digital Music Pool is one of the best pools to get some of the hottest remixes, acapellas and music for my mixshows and clubs. I really like the easy navigation of the site and the great selection of remixed tracks. Always great having different remixes of a song that's in rotation on our playlist. Keeps the mixes fresh and interesting. I highly recommend this pool!"

"Digital Music Pool has simplified the search for records that will hit both on Philly radio & within the Philly nightlife. Awesome selection & always up to date, great source for any music selector knee deep in the industry."
DanceMixUSA | Internet Radio Station |

We at DanceMixUSA utilize DMP because quite simply there are really good mixes that you will not find anywhere else and it helps us to stand out among the other Internet Radio Stations.
DJ Midnight | KMVQ-FM 99.7 NOW I (San Francisco) |

Digital Music Pool always supports music I put out. They're a DJ and producer's "one stop shop". Whenever I'm looking for new music and hard to find acapellas, they always got me covered!
Clinton Lee | 99.7 NOW! KMVQ (San Francisco) |

DMP is one of the best music pools out there! Multiple genres of the newest stuff, "mix friendly" intro versions for a lot of tracks, as well as short edits and acapellas...what's not to like? Saves me a bunch of time from making them. Definitely a go to source when i do the pre-gig music search...I know I'll find some hot s#*+.
Dramos | Z100 (New York)/Weekend Throwdown With Jagger (Nationally Syndicated) |

As someone who is responsible for doing 3 mixshows a week and plays in clubs every weekend, I'm constantly in need of new music and remixes for every situation. Digital Music Pool gives me exactly what I need with a versatile selection of music that is both radio and club friendly. Not to mention that their layout is super easy to navigate and makes it very easy for me to get exactly what I need on the days that I'm short on time. A must have for any DJ/Producer.
Whyel | DJ/Producer |

“DMP is dope, whenever im in the mood to do a remix or bootleg DMP always has what I need. They also have the new releases im looking for.”
Marc Stout | B96.3 (Chicago) WBBM-FM |

The most meaningful record pool in the country
DJ Perry | 88.7 The Pulse/ Hollywood Hamiltons Remix Top 30 Countdown |

I can usually find uptempo versions here that i don't get serviced elsewhere. I also enjoy the proper house tracks that make great underground sets when i can branch out of the top40 world.
Cosmic Dawn | Producer |

Being a member of DMP has many benefits. In general, I love how easy the site is to navigate. Besides being user-friendly DMP is loaded with acapellas & instrumentals. The content is great & upfront.
Reid Stefan | DJ/Producer |

DMP is my new one-stop-shop for acapellas, new releases, and sharing my productions with other DJs. Thank you for creating a music hub that’s so extensive and simple to use!
DJ Tei1013 | MOVIN 105.7FM/The Remix Top 30 Countdown |

Digital Music Pool is one of the most organized music pools that I’m a member of. They supply me with some of the Hottest Remixes, Acapellas and hard to find Music, for my Mix Shows, Music Festivals, Clubs and Special Events. I really enjoy the ease of navigation throughout their site, and the outstanding selections of different genres. Digital Music Pool has everything that you could possible need musically to maintain a fresh and cutting edge performance. I highly recommend Digital Music Pool “ A+ ”
Liam Keegan | Commercial Dance Remixer |

“DMP is a great pool to source house and commercial tracks and remixes it gets a thumbs up from me!”
DJ Prime | 103.5KTU NYC |

"Great Service for Open Format DJs, Extensive Acapella collection! I check it every day for new stuff”
Special K | KSEQ 97.1 (Fresno CA) |

“Digital Music Pool has quickly become in my Top 3 Music Pools. Sound Quality is on point, Multiple Genres with remixes for almost every track, and EASY SEARCH FEATURES! Perfect for any style of DJ”
DJ Kue | Wild 94.9 San Francisco |

“Great selection and especially love the acapellas!”
Panic City | DJ/Producer |

"Awesome record pool. Perfect for my the way I DJ, remixes you can't find on other record pools, very rare acapellas, and useful charts to make sure your playing whats hot."
DJ Melle Mel | 107.9 WPFM, 104.7 KCLD,,, |

I do weekly radio shows all over the country and Digital Music Pool is one of the best resources for new music to add to my shows. They have everything you could ever need for any format including Acapellas and Instrumentals. No DJ should be without this powerful tool no matter what format you play!”
Mikael Wills | DJ/Producer |

"The service Digital Music Pool provides speeds up my music hunting time significantly and is well worth it subscribing to. Whenever I don't have much time to go hunting for new music or remixes I can just jump onto the chart section and see the top 40, and all available remixes of each song, have a quick listen, download and then be on my way to a gig. The best part is quite often cue points have already been setup in the song for serato!"
E-V | 96.5 KISS FM (Cleveland) |

I use DMP weekly! They always have exactly what I want for my radio shows and festival or club gigs.
DJ GREG PIC | AMP 103.3 Boston |

"Digital Music Pool has the hit tracks you need as a Radio or Club DJ. You don't have to sort through hundreds of tracks to get to the good ones, they've cue'd up the best remixes for you. I recommend it for anyone who's serious about their craft and especially for the busy radio DJ who's trying to get it in week after week!"
DJ IZK | KVLY 107.9 / Bar 201, TriBar |

“Great record pool! Easy to find whats hot. If your looking for those remixes to set you apart from the other dis, then this site is for you. Charts are current and lots of exclusive bootlegs.”
Kastra | DJ/Producer |

"Digital Music Pool exposes you to the best releases that come out each day from a wide variety of genres. They are all of high quality and are easily downloadable. Extremely satisfied with my DMP experience!"
Jay Michaels | Nationally Syndicated Mix Show DJ-Various Stations and Markets |

“Great service. Always have the exclusive remixes I need for my radio shows and when I am djing in the clubs.”
dBerrie | DJ/Producer |

“Great layout and always quick! All the latest bombs I need, saves me a lot of time looking especially last minute!”
Bodega Brad | The Remix Top30 Countdown (Nationally Syndicated)/WKTU 103.5FM |

“Being lucky enough to work on multiple mixshows and clubs on a weekly basis is great, except it leaves me little time to search for new music and remixes. I love having one place that I can go to find exactly what I'm looking for. Digital Music Pool has me covered with a great selection of intro/outro edits, remixes and even a great acapella selection! Easy sorting and high quality, fast downloads make it an easy choice. DMP is Bodega Certified!”
DJ David S | WNOW-FM 92.3 AMP (NYC) |

“Digital Music Pool is one of my go to sites for the latest Remixes, Mash-Ups, and radio edits. Two thumbs UP.”
Jose Melendez | Wild 94.9 |

DMP…This site really get's over looked with every other MP# site out there! …I have not only found the norm but some gems that you would probably never have found on any other sites! Don't Sleep on DMP…. Jose Melendz Wild 94.9/Kyld S.F
DJ Jason Dee | 99.7 NOW FM (SF)/Resident At "1015" Folsom (SF) |

“The site is GREAT, very useful and friendly to use.”
DJ Zog | Power 96 FM (Miami, FL) |

“I'm always asked, "where do you get your music and remixes?". I guess the secret is out if you're reading this. Spinning the tracks I download from Digital Music Pool compensate for my lack of swag. Make sure you have a fully charged laptop battery before entering site.”
DJ Mach 1 | WKSC 103.5 KISS FM Chicago/WJQM 93.1 JAMZ Madison, WI |

DMP is always my goto source for mixshow content. They always have the remixes I need. They also offer multiple genres which is helpful with gigs as well. Definitely a great service.
DJ Delirious | DJ/Producer |

Great site with great selection of Tracks! I love how everything is organized and how it is split up between originals and remixes!
DJ Kique | Remix Top 30 Countdown (Nationally Syndicated)/93.3 KOB/99.7 Las Vegas |

"Digital Music Pool is one of the best tools for any club/radio DJ wanting to stay on top of the latest music releases. Having to DJ weekly radio mix shows and club gigs doesn't leave enough time to search for music but they have me covered from exclusive bootlegs, club tracks and top 40 remixes all in one place. The acapella catalog is great cause it allows me to be more creative with my sets. Thumbs up!!!"
The Scene Kings | The Remix Top 30 Countdown (Nationally Syndicated) |

“When we're rocking the club, searching for that hard to find acapella for our our next remix or need the newest tracks for our radio show, we rely on DMP. It's our one stop shop for all our DJ and remixing needs!”
TJ Roche | DJ for the Brooklyn Nets/Music Director/Game Presentation Manager |

"I have used Digital music Pool for about 2 months now and it has been the greatest source of finding the newest music. Whether it's pop, hip hop, or remixes this has it all for such an affordable price. I love finding the newest instrumentals which really help me with my Brooklyn Nets music to play when the team is on offense. I have sent to all other teams throughout all the professional sports leagues to use for their new source of finding music as well"
DJ ECTO1 | Q1047 Ventura County & Riverside San Bernardino | Z945 Santa Barbara | SKEE 24/7 |

"DMP is my one stop shop for that hard to find acapellas for my remixes & bootlegs! Always on top of the billboard chart and up & coming artist to look out for! In the club, on or off air DMP is there. for my needs."
Pink Panda | DJ/Producers |

We love Digital Music Pool. The ease of use across the platform makes it simple to get what genre/style your musically looking for, from unique remixes to the original chart smashers. Some of our bootlegs were made into official remixes thanks to DMP supplying the crisp acapellas. We highly recommend DMP its a DJ/Producers dream & worth every penny.
Jay Mac | Saturday Night Online/Y100 (Miami) XL1067 (Orlando) Kiss1035 (Chicago) Wild955 (WPB) |

DMP is a massive help to me in finding those remixes that no one else has. They are a massive help with the top 40 remixes, especially new adds. The house selection is top notch, and it's organized well. Also, acapellas and DJ tools on top of it all. I have recommended it to fellow jocks and gladly endorse it for anyone interested in standing apart from the norm.
Madera | DJ/Producer |

“Digital Music Pool makes my life as a producer/DJ so much easier. When I know I have a record pool I can trust to post current hot tracks that I can download for live sets – I can spend more of my time concentrating on my own music which in the long term will make my career more successful. Also, their selection of Acapellas is top tier and fun to play with!”
Junior In The Mix | Mixshow Coordinator 106.1 Kiss FM (Dallas) |

"Mixing on air and in the clubs I'm always looking for different mixes to separate me from everyone else in the market and I find exactly what I need right here on digital music pool! I also love how easy it is to navigate through the website!"
Dark Intensity | DJ/Producer |

"This is my one-stop-shop for hot new music, remixes, mashups, and acapella stems for my productions. One of the easiest music pools to use on the market. I highly recommend Digital Music Pool to all my fellow DJs and producers!"
DJ Nurotic | 103.5 Kiss FM (CHICAGO, IL) Hot 96 (Evansville, IN) |

“The site is easy to navigate. They also have acapellas and remixes that aren't available on other sites.”
Paulie Feva | DJ/Music Director/Nights (K104 WSPK New York) |

DMP is cutting edge and always on top of their music releases. It's great to be able to find the Intros and Accs to use in my sets and on the air. They are my official go-to pool for all my new music.
DJ Christylz | 102.5 KDON Central Coast CA. / 105.5 The Beat S.W. FL. |

DMP is a well organized music pool that thinks outside the box when putting certain music tracks other digital pools don't. They carry all the hits needed for radio, club and mobile DJs. The site offers an easy way to navigate to specific categories from remixes, acapellas, instrumentals to clean and dirty tracks. I am on the radio 7 times a week from coast to coast along with 5 resident clubs and mobiles weekly. DMP helps me stay on top of my music game and has some exclusives tracks other digital pools don't have. There customer service response is Grade A so you don't have to wait days for them to respond to issues. I have access to every music and video pool known out there but only a hand full I actually use and Digital Music Pool made my list. Christylz approved!
Raphael Valentino | Mixer for The Remix Top 30 Countdown KTU 103.5/ |

"Digital Music Pool has not only helped me find the remixes I need to make my mix shows stand out, but it's very easy to use. It has a super-intuitive interface, clean design, and all the tracks are very well organized. I would highly recommend this music pool for any DJ/Producer who is looking to find that special track to bring their mixes from good to great."
DJ Rapko | Q100 Atlanta |

Digital Music Pool's organization and charts make it an asset alone. I don't have to go to any external sites to know what the Top 40 chart looks like. Add to that a dope acapellas section and an extensive selection of dope Dance music, and the product is one of the best options for a pool period.
Mike Rizzo | DJ/Producer |

"DMP is my new go to platform-I love seeing all the info about every release, every Club & Mix-show DJ should jump on board in 2014!"
So Dope | 92.3 Amp Radio (New York City) |

I'm an Acapella Fiend and DMP Satisfies my Addiction . Always up to date, Super Organized and very user friendly . DMP is My Jam !!
P.J. Augustyn | 101.3 KDWB (Minnesota) |

“I work as a DJ 6 days a week and do a 5 hour mixshow. Music and mixing is pretty much my life. I am always looking for exclusive mixes, acapellas, songs I can't find anywhere else. Digital Music Pool is the place to find those items. Any questions, ask me! stcroixlive@gmail or facebook me at P.J. Augustyn and I'll give you the 411 on DMP.”
D Rock | WGNY 94.1 - 95.7 |

“As a producer, on air talent, and mix show DJ on the syndicated program block party radio. I couldn't be happier with how DMP keeps me up to date on the music and supplies me with exclusive remixes on a day to day bases. If you are looking to be a trend setter in your market this is the record pool you need to go with!”
Jason Nevins | DJ/Producer |

"Digital Music Pool is a great way to get new music and find out what is out now. You can find everything from extended mixes to radio edits and even some acapellas. I find that its a great resource of material and theres a lot of variety of music. All the newest music is on the site as well as lots of mashups and bootlegs that are hard to find."
Djs From Mars | RANKED #111 IN THE OFFICIAL DJ MAG TOP100 CHART 2015 |

"Digital Music Pool is exactly what we need for our edits: it's great cause we can find acapellas and new mixes, so we can create our own edits and mashups. Since our sets are exclusively made by our own edits and remixes, we could not imagine how difficult our work would be without Digital Music Pool. No lies, we check DMP every day to check for new uploads, and 90% of the times we're not disappointed!"
DJ Chachi | DJ/Producer |

"I Love DMP, super organized, up to date and always has those hard to find Acapellas I need for my sets."
Paola Shea | NYC/Las Vegas |

Digital Music Pool is the best record pool due to its variegated and motley selections that whenever I search for new sounds, beats and rhythm, I find myself at the helm of DMP
DJ-Booch | AMP 103.3FM Boston/Z97.1FM Vermont |

DMP is my go to source for all my music! The site is user friendly, easy to stay current with the latest music and their quality is unmatched! I would highly recommend DMP to any DJ in radio, club and private events. There are many of music pools, none compare! Keep up the good work!
Jay Dabhi | WNOW-FM 92.3 NOW FM (NYC) |

“Digital Music Pool is a great resource for DJs who are looking for the latest club tracks and pop remixes. What sets them apart from other pools is their vast catalog of Acapellas, House & Tech-House tracks that you normally dont see elsewhere. The site is updated frequently as well. Definitely recommend.”
DJ Tommy Nappi | 103.5 WKTU (New York City) |

Digital Music Pool is an amazing pool. It contains cutting edge remixes and all the hits. As a mix show and club DJ it has everything one would need to constantly sound fresh!
DJ Chuck D | 98.7 AMP Radio |

Digital Music Pool is where it's at. Always updated with the newest and hottest remixes/edits daily. Very easy and quick to use. This is the only pool to get the best and newest tracks out! A+
DJ Gonzo | 97.9WMCI/105.7 The X/Spin Cycle (Iheartradio) |

Digital Music Pool has all the hits I need, plus lots of exclusive mixes you won't find anywhere else!
DJ Wicked Wes | Hot 104.9 FM (Florida) |

I have been a member of several digital pools and DMP is by far the best. The music is always ahead of the other pools each week. The site I really clean and easy to use. One feature I like a lot is the charts on the genres. Digital Music Pool is everything I need to keep my radio sets fresh and cutting edge.
Funk3d | Commercial Dance Remixer |

As someone who focuses more on producing rather than performing live, DMP is fantastic for me: The wide ranging selection of tracks across a wide range of popular genres along with multiple versions and remixes of tracks means it is easy to find the perfect tracks for my set. Coupled with an easy to browse and search website and quick downloading makes it the perfect choice for me. Thanks DMP!

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