Welcome to Digital Music Pool, the #1 provider of digital music downloads in the professional DJ community. A favorite of radio mix-show, festival, mobile, and aspiring DJ's, Digital Music Pool prides itself on providing the newest and highest quality releases the music industry has to offer, to its extensive user community. Whether you are looking to keep your crates up to date for your weekly radio show, next club performance, or private weekend bookings, Digital Music Pool will provide you with the music necessary to keep you at the top of your game. Want to know more? Take a step inside and see what Digital Music Pool truly has to offer...

Unlimited Downloads

High Quality MP3s

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Daily Updates

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$19.99 Monthly

Mike Rizzo | DJ/Producer | http://www.djmikerizzo.com/

"DMP is my new go to platform-I love seeing all the info about every release, every Club & Mix-show DJ should jump on board in 2014!"
DJ Kue | Wild 94.9 San Francisco | www.djkue.net

“Great selection and especially love the acapellas!”
Paola Shea | NYC/Las Vegas | www.paolashea.com

Digital Music Pool is the best record pool due to its variegated and motley selections that whenever I search for new sounds, beats and rhythm, I find myself at the helm of DMP
Raphael Valentino | Mixer for The Remix Top 30 Countdown KTU 103.5/ | http://raphaelvalentino.com/

"Digital Music Pool has not only helped me find the remixes I need to make my mix shows stand out, but it's very easy to use. It has a super-intuitive interface, clean design, and all the tracks are very well organized. I would highly recommend this music pool for any DJ/Producer who is looking to find that special track to bring their mixes from good to great."
Clinton Lee | 99.7 NOW! KMVQ (San Francisco) | https://twitter.com/djclee

DMP is one of the best music pools out there! Multiple genres of the newest stuff, "mix friendly" intro versions for a lot of tracks, as well as short edits and acapellas...what's not to like? Saves me a bunch of time from making them. Definitely a go to source when i do the pre-gig music search...I know I'll find some hot s#*+.

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